How Jeff Got Started

The idea of a business to sell truck tops came from Jeff’s Dad, Dwight Kennedy. Unfortunately Mr. Kennedy passed away in January of 1985 before the business was started. Jeff’s brother, Joe, knew of their father’s plan and started the business in April of 1985. Since truck tops was all he sold, Joe named the business “Joe’s Truck Tops”. Later, that year, Jeff bought half of the business and within two years bought Joe’s half. Feeling the business had established itself, Jeff didn’t want to make a big name change and confuse  past customers, so he simply changed the name to Jeff’s Truck Tops.

Jeff’s slogan is, “If satisfied, tell others. If not, tell Jeff.” His philosophy behind his slogan is, if you are happy with your purchase and don’t have any problems, tell your friends. If you have a problem, Jeff wants to know about it and have the opportunity to correct the issue, to make you a happy customer as well. He doesn’t feel it is ethical for a customer to say they are not satisfied if there is a problem with a purchase that he hasn’t been made aware of. Jeff says, “I can’t fix the problem if I don’t know about it.”

Jeff remembers that even though his name is on the building, it is the customer that he works for, and the customer that pays the bills.


Today, More Than 35 Years Later

Jeff still carries Ranch tops and over the years he’s added Utility Trailers, Truck and SUV Accessories, Perma-Coat spray-on bed liners, Penda® drop in bed liners, Tool Boxes by UWS® and Cam-Locker, as well as over 50,000 different accessories available.